Brazilians claim there is no equivalent word in English. The word may come from Portuguese navigators who discovered most of the world, and who spent long lonely years sailing the high seas away from their homes.  The word “saudade” comes from the Latin word “solitas” (loneliness) and denotes a feeling of nostalgic remembrance of people or things, absent or forever lost, accompanied by the desire to see or possess them once more”. 

This album is dedicated to all those people, places and records that have inspired me along the way. Without you this musical creation would not have been possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.







About Killa-Jewel

Trained in classical music, DJ Killa-Jewel has performed as a Hip-Hop DJ/turntablist across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. She has recorded and played with Hip-Hop/turntablist bands (Microtone Kitchen), Rock, Pop, Jazz, Soul and Funk bands (Vanessa Rodrigues Soul Project), and has performed at countless parties, clubs and concerts. She has also made numerous appearances on radio and scored for/appeared on television (CBC), and DVD (DJ Q-Bert - Do It Yourself Vol. 2).

Killa-Jewel's past endevors have been fusing Hip-Hop with the theatre milieu, composing "turntable music" live for theatrical productions and touring with Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage (Zulu Time, The Busker's Opera). She also competed in prestigious DJ battles including the Canadian DMCs, ITF Scratching Categories in NYC, and represented Canada at the World Vestax Extraveganza in Japan. Producing music for video games has been an exciting venture for Killa-Jewel (in her most recent collaboration with Bioware on their latest highly acclaimed title Dragon Age where she produced and remixed Inon Zur's theme "I Am The One"), as her goal continues to be pushing Turntablism and turntablist production into new, uncharted territory.

Saudade is Killa-Jewel's first full-length record. The creation of the record is based on sample and field recordings collected throughout years of travel and self-discovery. The album is a melange of styles ranging from Classical and Trip-Hop, to soundtrack-style atmospheres. It is often dark and gloomy to brilliantly triumphant, and can be compared to the sounds of Portishead, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow and Amon Tobin. Some of the songs gradually progress and develop towards their climactic endings, while others stay true to the traditional hip-hop beat format. Overall, Saudade is a journey into the depths of our deepest souls, and often reawakens those feelings we would have gladly left behind.